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Are you the type of person who like to share job openings and career advancement opportunities with others?

Earn $80 for every referred employer that advertise a job opening on the WillowTree Hire career board

How Does the Employer Referral work?

  • Visit the website at www.willowtreemc.com
  • Send a message  to us through the Contact Page. In the Subject line of Contact Page, enter “Employer Referral”. Make sure to include your name and contact information in the appropriate fields
  • In the Message box, include the:
  1. Name of the company that you are referring for a job posting
  2. Name / Phone number/ and Email of the company’s Point-of-Contact (The Point-of-Contact and the person submitting the referral cannot be the same person).
  3. Job title of the position(s) that may be posted by the employer (optional)
  • Once you submit your Employer Referral via the Contact Page, you will receive follow-up correspondence within 48 hours (EST) by a representative of Willow Tree Management Consulting regarding your employer referral for the WillowTree Hire career board
  • Once the job position is posted and fully purchased by the employer, you will receive a mailed check for $80.00 within 14 business days

It always feel good helping others…. and receiving $80 as a thank you will feel even better



When the employer that you refer posts a job on WillowTree Hire career board, the company will receive additional Recruitment Concierge-Services free of charge. Contact WillowTree Hire for more details via the Contact Page and/or at 410-615-0222.