The Willow Tree Hire Career Board is not your typical career board. Our mission is to help employers find sustainable talent and to help job seekers find sustainable employment. Check out some of the reasons why you should let us become your personal recruiter:

Reason #1:

Your job announcement will not simply be words on a webpage waiting for someone to click on it.Once you post a job on Willow Tree Hire Career Board, we become your personal recruiter by connecting your job opening to qualified job candidates.   Willow Tree Hire Career Board will give your job posting a life of its own by connecting qualified job candidates to your company. We attend many career fairs, networking events, and utilize other information hubs to advertise job openings.

Reason #2:

Willow Tree Hire Career Board allows you to post multiple job openings at an budget-friendly price. Unlike some of our top competitor(s) who charge on average $780 to post 2 jobs for 30 days, Willow Tree Hire Career Board offers you an opportunity to post 2 job openings for 60 days for a low price of $415. If you only need to post 1 job, we offer a 60 day package for only $325.

Reason # 3:

Willow Tree Hire Career Board offer a standard minimum of  60 days of job advertisement.  This premier offering allows employers to have time to assess the application pool as they continue accepting resumes and/or applications.  Willow Tree Hire Career Board understand that a recruitment isn’t something that can always be rushed. We take pride in helping employers optimize their hiring budget by giving them time to identify quality talent.

Reason #4:

Also, unlike our top competitor(s), Featured Job Visibility on Willow Tree Hire Career Board does not depend upon how much money you spend to post your job openings. All job openings posted on Willow Tree Career Board are treated with the same sense of urgency, heightened visibility, and thoughtful care.

Reason 5:

Willow Tree Hire Career Board offer customized packages that meet the unique staffing needs and the hiring frequency of your company. We can create a package deal that is just right for your company at an economical price.  When we say economical, we mean it. Yes other career boards can provide customized packages, but we don’t mind negotiating and helping you stretch your budget. We know money doesn’t grow on trees, but Willow Tree Hire Career Board will help grow your business by meeting your  customized recruitment needs at a budget that you can afford.


Check out the services that we would love to provide for your recruitment at NO Extra Charge if you post a job opening on Willow Tree Hire Career Board:

  •  Featured Job Visibility to active and passive job seekers across various platforms, including social media


  • Job Fair and Networking Event Representation that includes us actually attending job fairs and networking events on your behalf


  • Concierge Resume Submission Services to connect you faster to qualified job candidates. We already know a lot of  talented and skilled people who are looking for new career opportunities… and we are excited to introduce you to them


  • Qualifications Pre-Screening Services (QPS) to help you avoid wasting time interviewing unqualified candidates who just happen to only look good on paper. QPS is convenient for the employer who has limited time and/or staff to pre-screen/pre-interview candidates.  QPS is designed to ensure that employers will not be dissatisfied with the candidates who are ultimately invited to interview for their company’s job openings.


Do you have something additional in mind that you would like for us to do to meet your recruitment needs? Feel free let us know.  We offer large-scale recruitment and workforce consultation services to help you hire, train, and retain your employees.